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Macaron Wholesale Pricing

We offer wholesale macaron purchasing for restaurants, cafes, specialty food providers and catering companies. Offer your customers this elegant and popular French pastry to stay ahead of the competition. The Macaron Store is where to buy the best french macaron cookies at wholesale prices. Our macarons are made with all natural, premium ingredients, cage free eggs, no preservatives, and are naturally gluten free. The Macaron Store provides the most popular flavors and the freshest product at wholesale prices to add to your menu. Shipping is made simple with plans that are customized to work around your schedule. The Macaron Store provides excellent customer service and support for our macaron wholesale clients so when you have questions…we are here with answers.
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$31.50 per dozen

1-5 Master Cases (70 per case)

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6-15 Master Cases (70 per case)

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16-60 Master Cases (70 per case)

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Macaron Wholesale

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