French Macaroons: How to Evaluate?

French Macaroons, how to tell if my purchase was worth it.


French macaroons are a delicious and tasty delicacy. We’re happy to introduce them. French macaroons possesses a simple beauty. They come in many flavors and styles. That’s what makes eating French macaroons a pleasure. Looking for the tastiest ones is part of the fun. There are various ways to enjoy french macaroons. Here we will share some useful tips on how to select, evaluate and taste the macaroon. This is sure to significantly change your perspective.

Whether you are eating french macaroons for the first time or you’re already hooked on them, here is what you should be looking for:

The Shell

It is actually hard to define the ideal or the perfect french macaroon shell. But in our opinion, the shell should be slightly shiny. Crunchy as well as thin. It should not be flaking. Ideally the shell should be as thin as a hair.

The Foot

In congruence to the shell, the french macaroons should have a properly developed foot. It should be found encircling under its shell. This is the part that develops when the french macaroon is cooked in the oven.

The Interior

Despite the slightly crunchy shell, the interior should be soft, slightly chewy and moist. This is the perfect texture for french macaroons. It should fill your mouth with pleasant flavors whether classic or otherwise.

Tasting a French macaroon should be a pleasing sensation. You can tell this the first moment you bite into it. So, if you take everything in slow motion, the first bite into the shell must give you a crisp and crunchy experience.

Before your teeth sink into the interior part, you will experience a slight resistance on the shell. Then the silken filling will overwhelm the mouth with its smooth, rich flavor. The flavor can be anything from fruit purees to chocolates to a ganache filling. There are also other French macaroons that have strong flavor combinations. These include hazelnut, lemon, pistachio, vanilla and raspberry. If it’s your first time tasting this tiny cookie, we recommend that you take few classic flavors. Then go on to experimental or bold flavors. This gives the experience more thrill and fun.

We recommend that you eat the french macaroons a few bites at a time. This way you can savor all the flavorful pleasures offered by this wonderful delicacy. You can experience the crunch, the shell texture and the flavors on both the filling and shell. Enjoy!

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